Shantilly's Subs

Introducing Shantilly's Subs!

To make an adult sub into a combo it's +$2.00 and to make a kid's sub a combo it's +$1.00. Order ahead by phoning in! 

In a New York Minute $9.69
Choice cut corned beef and pastrami, dressed with hot mustard, crisp lettuce and provolone cheese.

The Narrows $7.99
Our delicious veggie sub is piled high with crisp fresh ingredients. Spice it up with your choice of condiments.

Dukes Double Decker $9.49
This Duke approved sandwich is stacked with the cold cut trio. Top it just how you like it!

The Gilmour Gobbler $9.39
Make this classic turkey sub your own by topping it with all the fixings!

The Lakeness Monster $19.99
WE DARE YOU TO DEFEAT THE LAKENESS MONSTER AND ANY MILKSHAKE OF YOUR CHOICE in 5 minutes and we’ll put your picture on our ‘Wall of Fame’! IF YOU BEAT THE BEST TIME we will give you your meal for free, plus 5 free single scoops of ice cream, and bragging rights! IF YOU DON’T SLAY THE LAKENESS MONSTER welcome to the ‘Wall of Shame’!