Our Team

Kristen is returning for her third year at Shantilly’s Place as our General Manager! She worked for 4 years at West Bay Narrows Marina and was more than excited for the opportunity to work on the lake again. This lake community is very important to Kristen and being a part of it has meant a lot to her. Kristen’s family has been on the lake since the 1950s, making her and her sister, Jamie, our Assistant Manager, fourth generation Chandos cottagers. Kristen just finished her studying Concurrent Education with a focus in history at Brock University. She will be starting Teacher's College in the fall and is very excited to run our Children’s Arts and Crafts program again this upcoming summer! Please don’t hesitate to ask her questions you may have or just pop in for a chat. She’s looking forward to seeing everyone (and their dogs) this summer!

Jamie is returning for his third year at Shantilly’s Place as Tech Support and Delivery.  Jamie’s large extended family have been cottagers in West Bay for 60 years. Born and raised in Toronto, Jamie is a Grade 12 student whose love of boating started at a very young age.  He inherited his uncle’s antique wooden boats when he was 6 and has been spotted cruising Chandos in them ever since. In the “off season” Jamie stays busy playing hockey and enjoys long weekends skating and snowmobiling at the cottage.  He is looking forward to another fantastic summer at Shantilly’s Place and seeing new and familiar faces.

Jamie is returning for her third year at Shantilly’s Place as Assistant Manager. She has previously worked in Aspley and has enjoyed the atmosphere of the cottage season, however, she has thoroughly enjoyed working on the lake more! Jamie’s family has been on the lake since the 1950’s and she is following in her older sister’s footsteps by working at the marina. Jamie is currently in grade 12, her favourite classes are visual arts, law, and world history. As of now she is considering going to law school after she graduates high school. When she is not doing school work she is doing work for her school's Leadership Team. Jamie is looking forward to this summer and continuing working at Shantilly’s Place and seeing new and returning customers!

Fred Stroud found his passion for working on engines when he was eleven. He learned under the guidance of his father, also a small engine specialist, and auto mechanic. Shantilly’s Place is fortunate to have Fred overseeing all their customer’s boat needs. He has been working in the Kawaratha region for more than two decades, and is well respected by the locals and cottagers alike. Fred took his love of tinkering on engines to another level by becoming a Certified Marine Mechanic, as well as getting his license as an Auto Technician. He has many interests and is a multi-faceted mechanic with certifications as a Pipe Fitter and Welder, and a Heavy Equipment Operator. When Fred isn’t being paid to work on other people’s boat engines, he can be found building his own, and restoring Hot Rods. His newest hobbies include collecting rocks and sea shells. Some
of his collection is slowly being put on display in his office, so he can be surrounded daily by all the things he enjoys! He is available five days a week. Feel Free to pop in to say hello, or call us to book your inspection with him to ensure that all your water crafts are ready for safe, fun times on the water.