Our History

Shantilly’s Place on Chandos Lake, a great place to be!

It only took one tranquil, soul rejuvenating weekend on Chandos Lake for Shantelle and Yannick Bisson to fall in love with it.  They fell in love swiftly that first summer and decided to build their own cottage there.  Not only did they fall for the relaxed pace lifestyle, but as first-time cottage owners, they fell for the community.  And the sunsets.  Who can resist those?  Before the 2018 season was officially wrapped for the year they found themselves the new owners of West Bay Narrows Marina renaming it Shantilly’s Place with their stubborn, but lovely, bulldog Duke as mascot. 

Now, as first-time marina owners, Shantelle and Yannick are excited for all the adventures that lay ahead.  They cannot wait to build lasting memories with all the families who have years of stories and traditions ensconced in the walls of the marina. With the new Shantilly’s Place Marina they also look forward to building new traditions, and sharing laughs and hearing stories with every person who comes through the front door.

“Our intention and goal as the new guardians of what was West Bay Narrows Marina is to uphold the traditions that built the marina into an institution on Chandos Lake.  We want to honour all the charming things that always made it a must stop while out on the lake; while simultaneously giving the community new ones.  The kids want their Kawartha Dairy ice cream, and candy, and now parents/grandparents can grab a latte to give them that extra bit of energy for ‘just one more time’ on the tube! Whatever it is that has made this marina special to you and your family, we hope to pay homage to all of it, while putting a little modern spin on what we believe our lake community needs.  We at Shantilly's Place look forward to being a part of your summer days and nights!”

Shantelle and Yannick Bisson

OUR HISTORY as of opening day 2018:

Shantilly’s Place (formerly West Bay Narrows Marina) is a Chandos Lake institution. Some say the marina is sixty-five years old, which would have it making its debut as a waterside gas and ice cream store as early as 1955.  The original marina was owned by the Smith family and the marina went by the name:  Smith’s Marina and Store.  The Blackstock family along with their two sons took up the torch from the Smith family, who later sold it to the Wright family in 1968 (the year before current owners Shantelle and Yannick Bisson were born)!  Norm and Val, after five years of ownership sold the marina to Art Mohan, who then sold it to Gary Murphy.  Gary handed over the keys, tradition and history to Tony and Lori Lawley in 1992.  Tony and Lori, with their two daughters, faithfully sold Chandos Lake cottagers their Kawartha Dairy ice cream cones and serviced and stored their boats until 2017, when Tony and his then wife, Rhonda, saw their last summer season and hung up their ice cream scoops.  With the storied marina sitting empty the entire 2018 season Shantelle and Yannick Bisson, new to the Chandos Lake community and the cottaging lifestyle, couldn’t bear to see it go shuttered any longer and fell hook, line and sinker for the historical, community staple over one showing.  The couple along with their faithful, and beloved English Bulldog, Shantilly’s Place mascot, Duke, began scooping Kawartha Dairy ice cream and pumping gas for their fellow Chandos Lakers on May 17th 2019. The mark that their ownership of the storied marina remains to be seen, as history continues to write herself.