Boat Storage

At Shantilly’s Place we treat our boat storage, and boat service the same we treat every other aspect of our store.  With excellent high-quality product, and conscientious, friendly, knowledgeable staff.  We’re incredibly fortunate to have Certified Marine Mechanic Fred Stroud as our full-time on-site mechanic.  Should you require any assistance with your watercraft do not hesitate to contact us by phone while in season (May long weekend until Thanksgiving Monday’s):  1-705-656-2262

Or email our team directly at:

We offer full winterization and storage services, and watercraft service in our onsite garage five days a week during the summer season. We currently provide outdoor storage on our 1.5 acre lot that has been used in the past. Any boaters who want to deliver their boats themselves, are welcome to do so at our launch, or by trailer to our storage property.  For those who would prefer we handle the affair start to finish, we’re able to accommodate you. 


Whatever your boat needs are, Shantilly’s is not only able to meet them, but happy to do so!